Utrecht, The Netherlands


Industrievereniging Lage Weide (ILW) developed a bicycle stimulation program in order to facilitate the employees of the companies, based in this industrial area, to travel in a greener, faster, economical and healthier way. As part of this sustainable mobility program ILW selected De Boom en het Meer Ltd. to implement an e-bike sharing system for their large industrial park. The NU-Connect pilot started with 15 Gobikes in the beginning of 2015 and the number of e-bikes is growing, since neighbouring business centres want to connect to this network of sharing e-bikes.

Employees use these e-bikes as an alternative for their car or an add on to public transport (also after regular office hours when fewer buses and trains are running), The bikes are used for business trips during the day, to the nearby train station and bus stops, but also for trips to and from the office/home.

Participating companies (YTD):
Eneco, HEMA, Carlton President Hotel, Strukton, Stamhuis, Oskam, UW bedrijf.

Just a few impressions of the installation in Utrecht, Holland