Barcelona, Spain


Our partner in Barcelona Moventia, a well known public transport operator in Spain, saw the potential of an intelligent e-bike sharing system in addition to and in combination with their actual operated transportation service.

The combined bus and electric bicycle service offers a high quality mobility service for tourists and other travelers into the city of Barcelona. With dedicated docking points and a fleet of 40 branded bikes, customers are able to easily avoid the traffic issues of the city, while arriving to each destination with ease. 

Specifically Moventia in cooperation with Gobike launched a first service based at the ¨Estación del Norte¨ (Barcelona main bus station), whereitruns several bus line services with the ¨Costa Brava¨, which is a popular tourist area in the North at the Mediterranean coast. The tourists can receive a guided tour along the many sights and attractions in Barcelona by the virtual tour guide offered on the Goibke tablet. The digital lock then allows them to park the bikes around the city, simply returning to the docking station at the end of the day.