Target Group Benefits

Gobike is beneficial to a range of users, from tourists to commuters, citizens to employers.

The Commuter

Commuters are travelling on a regular basis to and from work or school, and also regularly running errands around town. Commuters benefit from the alternative and complimentary travel mode provided by Gobike. They can use the system alone, or combined with other forms of transportation such as train, light rail, or bus.

Commuters benefit from features such as transit information on the Gobike tablet and the ability to quickly find available bikes and free docking points. The electric assist motor makes the commuter’s journey a little bit easier, and means they won’t arrive at work or school sweaty.


The Tourist

Tourists may be visiting a city and exploring it by bike for the first time. Exploring a city by bike is a great way to reach attractions, restaurants, and shopping destinations. It’s important to create a great experience, while making it as easy and convenient as possible.

Tourists benefit from onboard mapping, GPS, and tourist information found in an interface that acts as a personal tour guide. Mapping features provide the ability to look up points of interest and be guided to them. Tourists can find, and be guided to, docking stations and the electric assist motor is designed to attract an even broader range of users.


The Local

‘The Local’ group describes local users who are not regular commuters on the Gobike system, but use the system for supplementary use, occasional use, or for social events. This group benefits from a range of features designed to provide flexibility and convenience. Some of these features include the ability to book a bike in advance, locating available bikes by laptop or smartphone, and locking or returning bicycles outside of docking stations. The Gobike system can make meeting a friend for a coffee even easier and more convenient.


The City

‘The City’ group refers to the city governments in cities where a Gobike system is installed and operated. Cities benefit from a system designed to help reduce traffic congestion, contribute to better air quality, and create cities for people.

The Gobike system also offers a unique way to introduce cycling to new potential cyclists. Furthermore it gives cities the opportunity to be an innovation leader, realize new revenue generation streams, and promote both the tourism sector and economic development goals.

The Gobike system can be integrated with existing public transportation and parking strategies, and also offers a lower-cost alternative to other transportation investments. In addition, cities have access to data about system usage and travel patterns that can be used for future planning and investment decisions.


The Company

Private companies (or institutions like universities and hospitals) can also benefit from a Gobike system. Docking stations can be installed at companies, connecting employees or visitors to other docking stations in a city. Providing a Gobike option for employees delivers a low-cost and convenient alternative for trips to and from work, or as transportation to meetings.

Companies can track participation rates and usage statistics. The ability to design flexible pricing schemes also allows companies to establish attractive and convenient pricing models.



The Operators

Operators are an important part of delivering all Gobike projects. They act as primary operators of the system in a city or region, or for a company or institution. Operators manage the bicycle fleet, maintain bicycles, and handle customer service. Operators benefit from the sophisticated back office management and administration platform delivered by Gobike.

The system is fully integrated with Gobike bicycles, docking points, the Gobike Tablet PC interface, and the End-User Website & Mobile Web interface. These powerful tools allow Operators to manage a Gobike system in a smart and efficient way.